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Own Your Holiday home in LAVASA!!!

Shaw Vacations offers you a Holiday Club Membership - the most ideal investment option for uninterrupted family vacations, years after years for the next 11 or 20 years with an assurance that you get to stay in a furnished apartment of your choice at a fraction of the cost compared to the room rates / tariff in exotic locations of your choice. Along with a 11 or 20 year Holiday with Shaw Vacations we offer you a RCI membership which offers you a wider range of locations worldwide.

Why Shaw Vacation

Why Shaw Vacations is ideal for you

SECURITY FOR MONEY: Shaw vacations comes to you from Bona sera Hotels Ltd., which has built up gilt-edged credibility and an enduring relationship with customers for over 20 Years.

QUALITY: Our Property - The Waterfront Shaw, Lavasa is made as per the standards required by RCI.

COST EFFECTIVE: A week's holiday at our resorts or many of the RCI affiliated resorts can be valued at approximately Rs.42, 000/- to Rs.63,000/-. That means that your Shaw Vacation membership enables you to recover your invested amount in the first 4 to 5 years of holidaying itself and you still continue to holiday allacross the world year after year for 11 or 20 years.

Shaw Vacations


Affiliated Resorts

RCI is the global leader in vacation exchange. Founded as Resort Condominiums International in 1974 to facilitate exchanges among condominium owners, RCI quickly became a driving force for growth within the industry and has been at the forefront ever since. RCI's core business is exchange vacations, providing its global community of 3.7 million timeshare owners worldwide with quality vacation experiences at more than 6,000 resorts in 100 countries through week-for-week and points-based timeshare exchange networks. RCI subscribing members are passionate about how they choose to spend their hard earned leisure time. They demand flexibility, quality and freedom of choice. They crave variety and adventure, and that's why they choose RCI to help them get more out of their vacation ownership.

In 1998, a visionary group of resort developers and RCI inked a blueprint for an independent body - an association with a purpose and an agenda - keeping in mind the nascent profile of timeshare in the country and the constructive role that could be played by developers to grow the industry. Importantly, to work hand-in-hand with both promoters and consumers. This was how the foundation was laid for the All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA).

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telephone : +91-8655833221
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